Protective enclosure PanBox

We recommend using PanBoxes for mounting Pantron amplifiers in humid or dirty environments or applications located outdoors.

There are various sizes for different types of amplifiers and pre-assembled glands for sensor cables, current supply, and circuit lines.

PanBoxes are equipped with DIN rail.

Image of a Panbox 1x1

Panbox 1x1: For a one-channel amplifier

Image of a Panbox 1x2

Panbox 1x2: For a two-channel amplifier

Image of a Panbox 1x4

Panbox 1x4: For a four-channel amplifier


  • Impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Transparent top cover
  • Protection class IP66
  • Cable gland M12 and M16

Technical Specifications

Housing material top cover


Housing material bottom cover

Glass fibre-reinforced polycarbonate

Colour top cover


Colour bottom cover

Grey RAL 7035



Ambient temperature

-40° C ... +120 °C (-40 °F ... +248 °F)

Permanent temperature

+80 °C (+176 °F)

Ordering Information

Order code

Suitable for the amplifiers

Dimensions W x H x D

PanBox 1x1

1 x single channel opto sensor ISG-... or ISM-1...

130 x 130 x 125 mm

PanBox 1x2

1 x dual channel opto sensor IMX-N2... / IMX-N3... / IMX-A20... / ISM-2... / ICL-2...

130 x 130 x 125 mm

PanBox 3x1

3 x single channel opto sensor ISG-... or ISM-1...

180 x 130 x 125 mm

PanBox 1x4

1 x 4-channel opto sensor IMX-N4... or ISM-4...

180 x 130 x 150 mm

PanBox 1x8

1 x 8-channel opto sensor IMX-N8... / IMX-A8... / ISM-8... / ICL-8...

255 x 162 x 150 mm


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