picture IMX-A840


  • 8-channel opto sensor
  • Detection range up to 55 m (180 ft)
  • Automatic transmit power adjustment
  • Relay outputs
  • Test function and diagnostic
  • On/off delay timer
  • 2 level settings
  • Light/dark switching
  • Settings programmable by push-buttons
  • Master/Slave operation

Product Description

8-channel multiplex amplifier with automatic transmit power adjustment. This operating mode is useful for adjusting to contamination, misalignment and other disturbing influences. The PANTRON multiplex process guarantees a strict channel separation, even if the eight light barriers are mounted very closely. At the push of a button, the device switches to test mode and displays information about sensor alignment as well as wiring errors like breakage and short-circuit via an LED scale. This function can also be used for sensor alignment if the prevailing conditions for mounting are difficult.

The following functions can be programmed for each channel:

Two level settings allow an adjustment to different operating conditions. An included time delay offers, for example, the gating of short interruptions of the light barriers or pulse stretching. Switch-on and switch-off delay time can be activated simultaneously. By use of dark switching it is possible to reverse the switching behavior of the outputs for each channel.

The alarm LED indicates that the sensors are too polluted. The Master/Slave operation makes it possible to synchronize several multiplex amplifiers. This feature allows the light curtain to utilize more than eight beams. Relay output for high switching loads.

Technical Specifications

Number of channels


Range (using transmitter ITL combined with IRL / IRH)

8 m / 15 m (26 ft / 49 ft)

Range (using transmitter ITH combined with IRL / IRH)

10 m / 20 m (33 ft / 66 ft)

Range (using transmitter ITA combined with IRL / IRH)

20 m / 55 m (66 ft / 180 ft)


34 ms

Power consumption

10 VA

Switching outputs

8 x relay 5 A, 230 V AC

Alarm output, DC-supply

PNP 100 mA, 30 V DC

Alarm output, AC-supply

PNP 5 mA

Delay time

0...7 s


Screw terminal 4 mm²

Tightening torque

max. 0,4 Nm


DIN rail

Operating voltage

230 V AC / 115 V AC / 24 V AC / 24 V DC

Ordering Information

Operating voltage

Order code

230 V AC


115 V AC


24 V AC


24 V DC



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