picture ISM-8000


  • 8-channel opto sensor
  • Detection range up to 60 m (197 ft)
  • 2 manual operating modes
  • 4 automatic operating modes
  • Light/dark switching
  • Light curtain function
  • Master/Slave operation
  • Sensor-control
  • Test function and diagnostic
  • Analog output
  • Alarm output and sensor error output
  • Test input
  • LCD-Display
  • PC-Interface

Product Description

Eight channel multiplexed system with manual and automatic operation modes.

Menu-driven setup allows individual parameter setting for each channel:

  • automatic mode with 4 levels, manual mode with 2 levels
  • manual gain setting
  • light/dark switchmode
  • switching delay (on/off) 0-60 s

Sensor error monitoring shows error messages on the LCD display during normal operation. Info screens for each channel indicate the current settings and performance.

Detailed performance and error information are indicated in diagnostic mode, making troubleshooting easy. In curtain mode output signals are summarized on one single output. Multiple ISM units can be synchronized using the master slave function, up to 40 virtually independent beams.

Test input for functional test by external test equipment. The analog output allows various measurements.

LED indicators for output signal and error per each channel. Alarm indicator, alarm and error output. Electronic output stage (PhotoMOS). Test input for functional test by external test equipment. Plug connector version for easy installation.

Computer interface for remote diagnostic and remote programming.

Technical Specifications

Number of channels



34 ms

Range (using transmitter ITL combined with receiver IRL / IRH)

10 m / 15 m (33 ft / 49 ft)

Range (using transmitter ITH combined with receiver IRL / IRH)

12 m / 25 m (39 ft / 82 ft)

Range (using transmitter ITA combined with receiver IRL / IRH)

25 m / 60 m (82 ft / 197 ft)

Operating modes

2 manual / 4 automatic

Transmit frequency

4 kHz

Switching outputs

60 V AC / DC short-circuit proof

Response time

36 ms

Alarm output

PNP 24 V, 100 mA

Error output

PNP 24 V, 100 mA

Analog output

0...10 V

Test input

24 V DC


RS232 *)

Supply voltage

24 V DC

*) The RS232-Interface is exclusively suitable for the communication between the ISM-8000 and the software WinISM. The implementation of custom-built protocols are available on request.

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