PSU-N24 Stromversorgung


  • Power supply 15 V / 24 V DC switchable
  • Output current up to 250 mA, short-circuit proof
  • Overload indication
  • Relay output
  • Switching function invertible

Product description

Compact power supply unit for sensors with integrated electronic like the SlimLine series. The switching signal of the sensors used can be supplied to the PSU to control the reverse relay. For this reason sensors having a 24 V semiconductor output are also able to switch higher loads.

The output voltage is switchable between 15 V and 24 V. The output is short-circuit proof. Overload is displayed via a red LED. Furthermore, there are LEDs for input status, relay status and the selected output voltage.

It is possible to reverse the switching characteristics of the relay via DIP switch.

This device is no longer manufactured.

Replacement product: PSU-1200


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