High-performance Light Barrier

Pantron devices are internationally successful state-of-the-art products made in Germany.

The high-performance light barriers were specially developed for areas of application in which traditional photo-electric sensors reach their limits. Extreme dirt resistance and a long range make them particularly suitable for most difficult applications. The system’s high power guarantees excellent penetration, even in the case of extreme contamination. Chips, dust, flour, oil or muddy water are no longer an obstacle. They are perfectly suitable for use in the timber and paper industry, in car wash systems, for control bulk material, in elevators, for outdoor gate control, in the food processing industry and in many other applications.

Each system consists of a transmitter, a receiver and an amplifier. Transmitter and receiver are available in different, highly compact designs so they can be installed in any applications. Thanks to their large field of view, they can be easily aligned even at distances of 70 meters. Simultaneously they are insensitivite to shock and vibrations and the resolution of the misalignment.

Sensor Alignment

Sensor Alignment

The simple installation of the amplifiers and sensors as well as the uncomplicated handling of the devices emphasize the high user friendliness.

Amplifiers are available in different variations, starting with the base unit, a manual amplifier that adjusts with a potentiometer. Also available is a patented automatic amplifier with automatic adjustment to disturbing influences. For applications where multiple sets of sensors are needed, a fast 8-channel multiplexamplifier is available. With this wide range of products, no application is impossible.

The sensors can be mounted according to different operating principles as required:

Through beam

Sensor layout through beam

Retro reflective

Sensor layout retro reflective

Diffuse proximity

Sensor layout diffuse proximity