Software WinConnect

WinConnect Software

  • Configuration tool for FSI/FSR fork sensors
  • For FSI-085V..., FSI-145V..., FSR-085V..., FSR-145V...

Terms of use

WinConnect may be used at no cost for owners of Pantron series FSI and FSR sensors. You can read and modify user settings, watch device states and perform diagnostic tests. Please follow the FSI / FSR operating instructions. There is no guarantee for the correctness for the device states displayed by WinConnect. The displays and switching outputs of the ISL device are decisive.

System requirements

  • WindowsNT, or newer.
  • One USB port available.
  • The FTDI VCP driver matching your operating system
  • Needs the Pantron interface box IFB-1


1. Install the USB driver

WinConnect needs the FT232R USB UART VCP driver from Future Technology Devices International Ltd (FTDI). The driver emulates a COM-port (RS232) on your system.

The most convenient way to install the driver is to execute the included setup file CDM 2.04.16.exe

Install the driver before you connect the interface box for the first time. The driver has to be installed only once.

For more information regarding driver updates, drivers for other Windows operating systems, alternate install methods and uninstalling please visit

If you already have any version of the VCP driver installed, you may also use this.

2. Install WinConnect

There is no setup program for WinConnect, as it doesn't really need one. Installation is done by simply copying the supplied files. Extract the complete contents of the ZIP-file into a directory of your choice (suggested \Program Files\WinConnect or any other folder outside of Program Files). WinConnect will create a .ini file on the first start for program setting storage purposes. WinConnect will not create entries into your operating systems registry. WinConnect needs no Internet access, no JAVA, no DirectX and no .NET Framework.

The following set of files belong to WinConnect 1.1.11:

  • WinConnect_1_1_11.exe: WinConnect executable
  • WinConnect1_1_de.chm: Help file
  • CDM 2.04.16.exe: FTDI Virtual COM Port setup file
  • readme.txt: Readme file

WinConnect 1.1.11 operates with FSI / FSR sensors of version V1.04 and V1.11.


The minus terminal of the IFB-1 interface box supply voltage is internally connected to the GND (ground) pin of the USB port. Make sure that there is no different voltage between the 24V DC minus supply and your PCs frame ground.

Specially for laptop computers make sure to use a galvanic isolated AC adaptor or run the computer on battery. If your AC adaptor has a 3 pin mains connector, make sure that none of the pins, specially the protective ground terminal, is connected to the DC output.

If you are not sure, do not connect the interface box to your computer! Pantron Instruments excludes all warranties for damages due to electric stray currents!


Remove the distributed files and the WinConnect.ini file. You may also remove the device settings file you created using WinConnect (*.set files)


If you receive the following message: "Found device with newer software version. You may check for updates of WinConnect", you may download the current version of WinConnect. Future versions of WinConnect possibly may not support ISL devices with older software versions. You may keep a copy of any older version of WinConnect, if you own older devices.


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WinConnect Version 1.11